Our New Pet

Some bird

This little bird decided to build her nest in our gutter! I will try to get some pics of the babies once they hatch!

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  1. So what did u name her? U do know they come back each year? So don’t let KC do anything to her nest… Clara came back this year… They are soooo sweet and seem tame… Until u go up to her and try to hand feed her bread… Then off she goes… But it’s still sweet to talk to her every day… and not fly away…

  2. Administrator

    I just call her Mama Bird! Not very original I know…. I say hi to her when I get home from work, she always peeks out to see me. I was worried about her last week when it was raining. Luckily it didn’t rain too hard and flood her little nest. I doubt I can keep Casey from destroying the nest after she is done using it. It is all I can do to keep him from destoying it now!!