New Furniture is Here!!

Well, our new bedroom furniture arrived this morning!  Check out the pictures in our gallery.  So my question is why in the world do they make mattresses so big now!!  Does everything in our society have to be super sized!  It is ridiculous…  The mattress is twice as big as our old one.  The comforter barely covers the stupid thing.  They need to take about 6 inches off of it!  That is my only complaint.

We have put up new blinds in the bedroom, but as you can see not much else has been done except a coat of paint and of course the new furniture.  We need to get the second nightstand, a couple lamps, some pictures for the wall and a bit of decor.  I will post some more pictures once I get it all decorated.  Don’t hold your breath, it could be awhile.  I am also trying to put together some before and after pictures of the rest of the house.  The only room not finished is our bathroom. 

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  1. Love the new look Wow!

  2. nancy

    did u pain the bedroom a brownish mustard color?
    I LOVE the furniture! Poor casey has never had his own REAL bedroom suit…
    u can tell me on my email ‘cause i don’t know when i’ll get back to this one…OH
    tell valerie I might be slack and not check my email for awhile either! OH HUM
    i’m soooo busy….