Welcome to the South!!!!


It is April 15th and it is 91 degrees in our house!!  The upstairs air conditioning unit is broken again (hence the 91 in here instead of a comfortable 77 or so)! 

The good news:

  • There is a breeze

  • There is low humidity

  • We have a seperate unit downstairs so we can cool off down there

The rabbits are hanging in there….  they aren’t doing much, just sleeping as usual.  They are in the shade now and have a nice breeze.  I am sure they miss the air conditioning more than I do. 

I sure wish we had a couple more days of spring weather down here.  We pretty much go from having the heat on to having the a/c on with about 10 days in between!

My pet peeve is that they don’t open the pools around here until Memorial Day!  That is over a month away!  The pools operate on the northern schedule of Memorial Day to Labor Day which is joke around here since it is already 90 here and will be 90 in October!  Okay, off my soap box for now.

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  1. If you lived in Southall you could go to the pool on May 15th!