I ordered 4 willow balls almost two months ago for the bunnies and they just arrived.  I have the hardest time getting these things because they are always on back order.  Apparently they are a favorite of all bunnies.  They cost 7 bucks each plus shipping and are destroyed in a day, but they love them so much!  I haven’t found anything they like to chew on as much as these things (except all the things they aren’t allowed to chew on – woodwork, cords, clothes, shoes, carpet).  I put one in SweetPea and RoseMarie’s room last night and there isn’t much left tonight.  They love pulling it apart and will eventally eat most of the pieces.  I put one in the bonus room for Tuscan and Moose to have while they are out playing.  Here are a few pictures.

Day One – They just discovered it

 day one

Moose tearing it apart

moose day one

Day two – Here is what it looks like now

tuscan day two

Day Three – pretty much destroyed

day three