Check out our lakefront home!

casey at front door

Casey and I went up to Boone for the weekend and had a great time.  Hopefully we can get up there again this summer or fall with some friends!!  There are some lovely lakefront properties available for rent next to ours.  They come with rocks to sleep on!  Casey and I have a little difference of opinion when it comes to the definition of camping.

Casey – hike into the woods with a big heavy pack on your back (not on any of those silly man made trails), find a clearing to set up camp, wonder around for a couple hours finding fire wood, spend another hour or two starting a fire from scratch (rubbing sticks together is preferred, but a match is acceptable if desperate), sleep on the hard ground (meanwhile getting no real sleep), piss in the woods, sit in the dark once the sun goes down (only because you forgot the latern or flashlight)

Lindsay – drive car up to camping area, unload the car (campground is a few feet from the car, grounds include area for tent, fire pit and perhaps a table), start a fire using wood provided by campsite, lighter fluid, newspaper and matches, eat some marshmallows, sleep on air mattress in the tent (getting a nice sleep), bathrooms within walking distance of tent

I think Casey’s definition of camping sounds like torture!  In my mind camping should be fun.  I just enjoy being outdoors since I sit in a little room under florescent lights the marjority of my days.  They make all kinds of cool stuff for camping so why not use them?  I will be  packing for our next camping trip…...   Even Casey wants the air mattress this time.

Check out the pictures from the trip in my gallery!  There are some pictures of the changing Appalachian campus too.