Summer Treats

We love summer because there are all kinds of treats we get to eat!  Today mom brought us some watermelon which we really love.  It tooks us awhile to figure out the red part was the best part.  Here are some pictures of us enjoying our watermelon.

First Bite

See our little red mouths…  

Red Mouth

This stuff is so messy we have to lick our lips a lot.  Mom caught both of us with our tongues out.  It is a bit disturbing….  just a little warning.  Mom says our tongues don’t look like tongues, but something else…..   wonder what she is talking about?

Tuscan Tongue

Moose Tongue

Tuscan even did his impression of a T-Rex for the camera

Tuscan T Rex

This is the only good picture Sweet Pea would let mom take.  Rose Marie was too shy to even come out and try the watermelon.  They aren’t as comfortable in front of the camera as we are.

Rose Marie


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  1. melanie

    yum yum! cute red lips : )
    i like how you got the site going. didn’t realize you had figured it out. great job. sorry casey and your brother can’t take any credit but you know…... MEN : )

  2. These are great! I can’t wait to keep those little guys… Don’t worry Darby will be far away, I think she’ll be allergic anyway… And i’ll spoil JD too… I won’t let Darby tourcher him either… But that’s not for awhile…