I love when dad is away because it means he doesn’t sit on my couch and I get to clean it all night and run around on it.  Mom put a couple videos of me on You Tube today.  Don’t expect much because she just used her digital camera to tape me so the quality is not very good.  She says she is trying to figure out how to get the camcorder videos on the computer, but seems as though she needs some kind of special cord she doesn’t have yet.  She says dad is not helpful with this at all and he is supposed to know about computers.  Mom has to spend hours researching it online all by herself.  I am sure you would agree this is not very nice of dad.  🙂 

Here is the link to me cleaning the couch and more cleaning

Here is the link to me running laps on the couch


Here are some cute pictures of me.  There aren’t any of Moose today because this is my post!!  Boy I sure am cute.  I hope mom and dad appreciate all this cleaning I am doing for them.