We had the pleasure of spending two days in Boone this weekend thanks to the annual Alumni CPE!!  As I drove to pick Casey up for lunch I noticed the temperature at noon as 34 degrees!  How did I use to live there!  Most of us alumni were all bundled up, but I couldn’t help but notice the kids walking to class in light coats or sweatshirts!  When it is 34 at noon in November you can imagine what it is like at noon in January and February….   I remember my freshman year toward the end of the winter I was walking to class and thought to myself how warm it was, I even took off my coat.  When I got home I checked the weather and it was only in the upper 30’s!  Now days I am freezing when it is 60 degrees.  I am sitting here in fleece pants, a sweat shirt and slippers and it is 68 in here.

Anway other than the extreme cold we had a really nice trip.  When I was sitting at the light to the mall I happened to look over and see this:


Yes, that is the Boone mall!!  An Old Navy!  We use to drive an hour to Hickory to go shopping.  Boy, those kids up there are spoiled.  🙂

Saturday we got to visit with Amber and Jason and their new little addition Carter.  We also got to see Gretchen, Chuck and her boys.  They are 4 and all grown up.  Gretchen bought a house this summer and I loved it!  It is an older home, I think built in 1931…   She is fixing it up and I can’t wait to see it next year.