Christmas Photo Shoot

Well, today we attempted to get some Christmas photos of the animals.  It was quite an adventure…   The rabbits were pretty excited at first and checking everything out, but then they settled down and sat nicely for some pictures.  Tuscan looked mad in most of them, but Moose looked great.  She was the perfect model.  Tuscan is still pouting in the corner in his room (it has been 4 hours since the photos were taken).  Then we brought in J.D.  You would think the little rabbits would have been scared (being the prey and all), but they really didn’t care about J.D. being there.  J.D. on the other was so scared  It was all we could do to get him to sit still and not run away.  At first I couldn’t get the three of them close at all, but eventually we were able to coax J.D. a bit closer, but not too close.  I posted a few of my favorite bad pictures….  I am saving a few good ones for later.

Tuscan in Santa Hat


J.D. in Santa Hat


J.D. doesn’t know which way to go….


Casey trying to calm J.D.


Moose isn’t bothered by this whole thing


Check out some more here.

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  1. These were good!