I finally sent the Christmas cards!  It has been quit a mess.  I thought I had plenty of time to order a sample card, but when I ordered them from Walmart at Thanksgiving I realized it would take 2 weeks to get it so I went ahead and ordered the cards.  I got them 2 weeks later and was really disappointed in the color of the photo on the card.  It wasn’t like the picture at all (at least to me, the perfectionist).  Walmart gave me a very small refund…..   I hope everyone enjoys them!  If you have any ideas for next year’s photo shoot (which we will do in September!) let me know.  Also, if anyone has found a place to print cards let me know for next year.  Thanks!!  Here is the Christmas card photo:

PB190206 cropped

Here is my second favorite and the wallpaper on my work computer!


Click here to see the other good pictures.  Click here to see some of the not so good, but fun ones.  You will notice there is only one of all three animals together and you will notice they all look unhappy.  Maybe next year they will all sit nicely together.