I took the bunnies to the vet today and they are not very happy with me.  I got talked into doing blood work…  I know I am a sucker when it comes to my babies.  It cost a small fortune especially since they are healthy!!  It was really hard to watch them take the blood from their little legs.  They had a hard time finding a vein on Tuscan and had to poke him a couple times.  I saw better when they did Moose.  They put them on their side which they hate.  Then they have to pluck out a bunch of fur to get to some skin.  Needless to say they are really unhappy with me.  I got several foot flicks from Tuscan when we got home.  He ran to the corner and stared me down.  I got a couple pictures of him mad.  He usually stays mad for awhile.




I took some pictures of JD napping


But I woke him up from his nap and he wasn’t too happy with me either.