Tomorrow (February 1st) is Moose’s third birthday.  Three years ago I read an article about a bunch of domestic bunnies that were left in the parking lot of the RBC Center.  The SPCA of Wake County took in all the bunnies and went to work finding new homes for them.  By the time I read the article in the paper many of them had been adopted, but I saw a little brown one that I just loved.  I adopted Tuscan on February 28, 2004 knowing nothing about having a house rabbit.  It was a learning experience for both of us, but Tuscan was the perfect bunny.  He didn’t bite or dig and got to have the whole upstairs to play around.  Then I decided he needed a buddy.  I started looking on Petfinder and I saw 4 little baby bunnies.  Their mom had been adopted from the SPCA by a couple in Raleigh.  She was also a RBC bunny.  To their surprise the bunny they had just adopted had babies!  When I adopted Moose they gave us a CD full of beautiful pictures.  They took pictures each day to document their growth.  So here are a few pictures of what Moose looked like 3 years ago. 

Moose Day One – I think it is amazing that even without her fur she has all her spots, just like they are now

02-02-04 - Moose2

Moose Day Two – Already getting some fur

02-03-04 - Moose

Moose – February 15, 2004

02-15-04 - Moose

Moose – February 16, 2004

02-16-04 - Moose12

Moose – February 19, 2004 between brother Mint and sister Sage

02-19-04 - Moose sandwhich

Moose – February 21, 2004 relaxing with sister Pepper (Mint and Sage are in that pile somewhere), Moose is in the back

02-21-04 - Moose and Pepper

This is one of my favorites – Moose with Pepper (Moose on left)

02-20-04 - Moose and Pepper2

Moose a month before we adopted her

03-01-04 - Moose2