After tons of research we have finally decided on a hotel/b&b in Florence!!  Still no flight….  and working on our Tuscan rental in Montepulciano.  I found a beautiful apartment and I am waiting to hear the price and availability.  I really hope it is available!!  I am checking a few flights tonight and the prices are about the same..  There are a few around 800, but the timing of the flights isn’t great.  If you want enough time for a layover you are looking at well over 1,000 a person.  I found a great flight to Florence, but the flights home all have a tight layover in London.  My other issue is the Euro!!  Or rather the dollar.  The dollar continues to lose value on what seems like a daily basis, not to mention finding Euros is next to impossible (from what I hear).  Last I checked we were at $1.31 to the Euro which makes everything more expensive.  I have a feeling it won’t be getting better by the time we leave.  Anyway check out our place in Florence.  I checked several sites and didn’t see a single negative review.