The small bathroom is pretty much done  We just need to trim the door get a plumber to fix the tub faucet, but the floor is finished.  Here are a couple pictures of the finished floor.



We started working on the master bathroom today.  Well, we put the backerboard down Friday night and I started putting down the tiles today.  The hardest part is not knowing if you are doing everything right.  There is no one to say “don’t do that” or “you aren’t doing it right”.  The tiles look good, but I am afraid they will start breaking one day.  Let’s hope they don’t crack.  Check out the two tiles I cut!!  I used the nippers to cut both of them and it was very difficult and took me a long time.  I was really proud of myself.  I would like to state that despite what the people at Lowe’s say it is NOT easy to use them!  It is NOT easy to nip the tiles.  Just ask Casey who has huge blisters from cutting the ones around the toilet.  Anyway, here are the ones I cut:



Here is the room now.  I will be at a yoga workshop next weekend so it could be awhile before we finish it…   Then we can hire someone to put in a new kitchen floor.  🙂