Tonight when I put all the bunnies back in their cage I got to see Bella (mom) nurse the babies!  It was amazing, even Casey agreed.  I wish I could have taken a picture or video, but there wasn’t enough light without the flash and I didn’t want to disturb them.  Bella isn’t that big and the babies are small, but not that small and they were fighting like crazy to get some milk!  Bella stands and all the babies fight for a spot.  The babies lay on their back which is really cool to see.  Bella looked absolutely miserable.  I don’t think any human mom can complain!  Just image six of them all fighting each other, pulling on you and scratching you.  The babies pretty much moved her across the cage by pushing so hard.  She didn’t nurse them long and it was so weird the way they just knew what was happening.  Then Bella jumped away.  The babies tried to followed, but quickly realized what was going on and start cleaning themselves.  Very cool.