Well, we have had these guys for three weeks and they have grown so much!!  Make sure to scroll down and see some of the pictures of them the first week we had them.  Look at the difference in their ears.  One of the black ones has huge ears!  I want to name them after Disney characters and that one could really be Dumbo, but I just can’t do that to him.   🙂  They have discovered their teeth and have grown to dislike being held.  It is sad….  I miss the cuddly days.  There are still two that let me hold them and most of them like being petted, but a couple are really independent and don’t have time for my love.  They are exploring everything, always checking stuff out.  For the most part they continue to use the litter box, but have a few accidents.  They have all figured out how to jump up on the shelf in their cage.  The smallest one continues to be the bravest.  He chased the cat around tonight.

Thanks to those of you who have been kind enough to send donations.  There are lots of bunnies to spay/neuter.  In fact one of the females that was rescued had 8 babies last week.  Please send any donations to me.  The donations are not tax deductible, but give anyway!!  I will use the money toward their spay/neuter and not towards supplies.  Thank you!  I promise some pictures of Tuscan, Moose and JD soon….  maybe even one of us. 


black big white

all grey

all black