Well, all the babies are over 2 pounds now!  The biggest one weighs as much as Moose.  I have most of them named.  Of course they may change when we find out if they are boys or girls.  For now we have Oliver, Nibbles, Kayla, Tux and Nellie.  So that leaves one to name.  The only one without a name is the all black one.  I will have to see if a name hits me this week.  Here are some updated pictures.

The biggest (Kayla) weighing in at 2.5 pounds and smallest (Oliver) weighing in at 2 pounds


Tux – I gave him this name (or Tuxie for a girl) because he has the most beautiful white whiskers and that adorable white spot on his nose.  Dawn said he looks like a Tuxedo rabbit so Tux is his name!


Nellie got her/his name because she is my nervous nellie.  She is always scared and thinks you are out to get her – a lot like Moose!