The Great Escape

Several months ago JD started opening the door to Tuscan and Moose’s room so he could drink their water.  He really likes water, usually water that isn’t his or is in the tub, sink, shower, toilet, etc.  We put hooks on the screen door so he couldn’t get in there.  After hitting his head on the door a few times he finally gave up so I stopped using the hook months ago.  Well, today while I was at work he decided he wanted to go back in there so he opened the door….   Luckily the door to the guest room was closed.  The bonus room is already bunny proof since they get to play in it each night so the only room they could get into that they aren’t allowed into was the bedroom.  When I got upstairs and saw the door open I called them and they came running from the bonus room where they probably spent most of the day sleeping.  They did do some damage in the bedroom!  Nothing major.  No biting of the furniture or electrical cords which is a miracle.  Apparently they were too busy eating JD’s cat grass and digging in the palm tree pot.  Silly bunnies.  I image they had a very fun day.  They aren’t running and playing much tonight.  I guess they are tired.  Oh, and JD was downstairs when I got home.  I guess they ran him out of the bedroom.

JD’s grass….  or what used to be his grass.  It was about 4 inches high this morning.


The palm tree pot, not too bad


Resting after a hard day of getting into trouble



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  1. THose bunnies look so guilty! The look on their faces say somethign along the lines of: Yeah, we did it. So what! Can’ta rabbit have a little fun around here? (and with a New York accent)!

    How funny!