Paisley is doing well.  She had to have her leg amputated, but she is hopping around on the other three.  She isn’t too happy with people right now, but she does love her foster mom. 

Buster has a new home!!  Well, the adoption isn’t completely final, but it looks good!  He will be getting a new girlfriend so he needs to spend some time with her and try to bond with her before he goes to his new forever home.  I took a few new pictures of them today.  I only got good ones of Buster, Cody and Bella.  Also this week Milo, Buster, Oliver and Nibbles were neutered  Hopefully they will calm down a bit in the next few weeks.  Cody decided he was tired of waiting for me to wake up this morning to let him out so he destroyed his cage.  The litter boxes used to be in the corners, but I guess he didn’t like them there and felt they were better stacked!