I’m Back!

Sorry for the time with no new posts!  I have been keeping myself very busy trying to finish up the plans for Italy.  I am trying to teach myself how to use my camera.  Yeah, I know how to turn it on, change the settings, take a picture, but I mean using the advanced features and using the manual mode instead of auto.  Auto usually takes good pictures , but auto doesn’t work when photographing bunnies.  Especially the black bunnies!  The camera picks up all the light around them and the pictures of them almost never turn out!  Today I spent several hours taking pictures of them.  I played with close ups and using the macro and supermacro buttons.  I took over 200 most of which looked horrible.  I was going to post them all as part of this post, but there are too many.  So here is the link.

I did want to put this one of Nibbles and Oliver.  I took it late one night when the lighting was horrible.  It looks best in black and white so you can’t really see all the color problems.  It isn’t the best photo, but they look so cute!



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  1. Valerie

    I am so proud of you… Taking suck good care of all these bunnies. U know how i love these animals! U are lucky to be able to take them in. Well, make that they are the lucky ones. You and casey are doing a great job!