Okay… a bit tired tonight and we had great wine at dinner making me more tired so this may be short!  I believe I left off with us in Florence….  We checked out of our hotel on Saturday and had another cab ride (not nearly as scary) to the Hertz office.  After a bit of waiting we had everything booked.  I have no idea how much it ended up costing because we went with the extra insurance and some option with the gas.  Of course I have no idea how much we are spending on anything and at this point I don’t really care.  I suppose when I add it up when we get home it will be a bit of a shock, but well worth it.  Hey, it is why I work right!  Anyway, the lady at Hertz directed us on how to get to the garage.  They didn’t provide directions out of town just gave you a map.  Didn’t even show you where you were on it!  Luckily we got great instructions from the hotel before we left.  You would not believe the Hertz garage.  It is best described in person, but they had those cars in there so tight I really don’t know how they did it.  They had to climb on top of the cars and crawl through the windows to pull them out!  The guys in the garage were not nice and gave us no instructions.  Then honked at us when we didn’t move the car fast enough!  So off we went.  It was a bit daunting at first, but it was Saturday morning so traffic wasn’t bad.  We pretty much followed a bus until I could figure out where we were on the map (the hotel had highlighted the route).  It was actually really easy.

In Italy the signs are the name of the next town, not exit numbers or highway numbers.  The other tricky part is knowing the name of the next big town.  Getting to Siena was easy, but once there we got nice and lost.  We had to follow the signs for Roma (Blue not Green – green is Autostrada).  It took me a few minutes to realize we were looking for Rome since it is very far from here.  Then the signs would just disappear!!  We drove around for awhile, but finally made it out of Siena and on to Montepulciano. 

Let me just say I am so glad I am not driving.  These roads are so small and steep!  When we got to Montepulciano we got lost again.  We eventually found a place to park and walked to the apartment.  After being show around and shown where to park we tried to get back to the car by walking how we thought we would drive.  What a mess.  We walked forever.  Eventually we got back to the car and had to drive through town dodging tourists and other obstacles.  Once again the bus saved us.  There was one behind us so I know it was okay to drive on the road.  We settled into the apartment and didn’t even try going to dinner.  Just ate a bit here.  We spent yesterday exploring Montepulciano which is a wonderful town.  Today we went to Montalcino, Sant Antimo, San Quirico and Bagno Vagno.  Perhaps I will wrote more about those towns tomorrow.  Please excuse typing errors….  I am sleepy.  🙂