Well, the weather couldn’t be perfect the whole time…..  The weather channel appears to have no idea what the weather will be here!!  I knew it was going to get rainy and cold here at the end of the week, but the forecast kept changing.  When the weather channel says it will be rainy here it is sunny and when it says sunny it is rainy.  I have been trying to the plan the rest of the trip based on the weather which is hard when it isn’t what you think it will be.  It was supposed to be nice yesterday, but we woke up to clouds so thick you couldn’t see out the window.  We decided to go out anyway.  We drove in search of cyprus lined roads and found several, but it was rainy and cloudy so the picutres aren’t great.  By the time we got to Pienza it was clearing up.  We walked around Pienza, but most of the shops were closed for the afternoon so we decided to go back to Montalcino.  It was nice there too and we walked around some.  Right as we were leaving it started to rain and poured most of the way back to Montepulciano.  We walked to dinner in the cold drizzle.  It stormed most of the night.  It was supposed to be heavy rain all day today, but we woke up to sun!  So we walked around Montepulciano and grabbed some lunch.  It is certainly chilly here today.  As we walked back from town it was getting really windy and cloudy.  I guess it is supposed to rain all afternoon, but so far it is just windy.  This is one of those days a TV and DVD player (plus DVD’s in English) wouldn’t be so bad…..  not much to do when the weather is bad.  Casey is napping…  I am sure he will sleep most of the day.  I am hoping for decent weather tomorrow.  We are planning to go to Siena in the morning.  I really want to find something great to bring back, but so far nothing in my price range that I just love.  I hope for good shopping tomorrow.

I do wish I had brought another book to read.  I am almost done with the one I brought back and need something for the long plane ride home!  Somehow I doubt I will be sleeping much.  It is hard to believe it is almost time to go home….