Well, we arrived in Rome today. I do miss the quiet country. Our last full day (Friday) we had terrible weather so we really didn’t spend much time exploring Siena. I was very disappointed so we will have to go back one day. It was cold and rainy so we really didn’t want to spend too much time walking around. I will have to tell you the story of the parking deck later…. needless to say from now on I will remember which level we are parked on. We left Montepulciano this morning and dropped the car off in Chiusi. Then took the train into Rome. So far I like Florence much more than Rome, but we have only been here a few hours. It has a totally different feel. I can’t believe it is already time to go home. I hope we can return one day and bring all of you back. It is a wonderful place with very friendly people. If only the dollar wasn’t crap it wouldn’t be that expensive.

Forgot to mention we saw who one the world championship of City Chase today! www.citychase.com It is a National Geographic show similar to Amazing Race on a much smaller scale. The winners from each country compete and this year it was in Rome. I won’t tell who wins! We talked to one of the wives. The race started yesterday and ended today as we watched. Very exciting.

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  1. sounds like ya’ll r having a great time and i really got a kick out of casey not reading throughly about he was eating…serves him right, huh linsday !!....lol

  2. Yeah… Couldn’t live in Florence… Parallel parking… Yeah right!