Finally Italy Pictures!!

I finally have the over 700 pictures down to a reasonable amount ready for you to view. I know you are all excited. They are in Flickr which I think can be a bit confusing if you are not used to using it. In the sidebar to the right you will see a link to view the pictures. When you open the link you will see all the albums in my Italy collection. You can double click to open the album you want to view. You can choose to view as a slideshow or view one at a time. If you choose the slideshow when it opens the slideshow you can hit the i in the center of the picture to show the descriptions or play without the descriptions. To view one at a time double click the first picture. On the right you will see smaller versions of the pictures within a box called Florence (Set) or whichever album (set in Flickr) you are viewing. If you continue to hit the small picture on the right you will go to the next picture in the album. I don’t understand why it is so difficult to view pictures in Flickr. They don’t use words like album or next…. A bit annoying. If anyone has a problem viewing the pictures let me know. Now that I have the Italy pictures done I am going to work on moving all my pictures to Flickr. Well, to some new website. I haven’t decided how I feel about Flickr yet.

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  1. Just Viewed the Pics… I LOVED them. All of them There weren’t that many. I guess since u had them broken doen. I think Florence was my favorite. U can see where movies may have been made. Maybe. The Talented Mr. Ripley or Borned Identiy. Wow it looked like ya’ll had a great time. I wish I knew more history on Italy… Makes me want to go back and learn. Maybe I’ll pay attention when I have to help Darby and Ashlyn through it in school. Great pics.