Sorry it has been so long without a post. I have been super busy lately with bunnies! Today is our first Rabbit adoption day at AniMall and I have been preparing for it. I built a cube cage that we will sell in a silent auction and I am teaching two little classes. One on litter training and the other on building a cage. Of course the really scary stuff happens on Thursday when I teach 15-20 5-11 year old kids about rabbits!! Say a little pray for me….... I have never taught a large group of children before so it should be interesting. Then next Saturday I teach my regular training class to adults at the SPCA. It is the month of bunnies. Now I just need to get my foster bunnies adopted! I did manage to find some time for my 2nd annual bunny Christmas card photo shoot. I won’t be posting any pictures until the cards are sent. I don’t want to ruin the surprise. Needless to say it was interesting, but I don’t know if I love any of the shots so we may re-shoot. I am sure Tuscan and Moose will be thrilled. We didn’t attempt to involve JD this year since he obviously hates the bunnies, but I will try to get some Christmas shots of him to post here. Since I will be gone all day today I will have to do the second shoot next weekend when I have some light.