Well, this year I decided to use Christmas presents for our photo shoot. I also decided to not put J.D. in the pictures. I took pictures three different times to get the one picture I liked!! I just couldn’t get the lighting right and the wrapping paper on the packages was reflecting so much light. On our first attempt Moose decided to pee in the box. I had asked Casey to get something to put in the bottom of the box since Moose was too small for the box. He brought back my Sex and the City DVD’s. Luckily I went and got a towel to put on them…. otherwise they would have rabbit pee all over them. Moose had a really good time digging up the towel and playing with it. The hardest part of the shoot this year was getting the rabbits to move! Once I put them in the box they just froze. It took both of us to perk them up. Here are a few of my favorite outtakes. Click here to see my flickr album with all of them. No, not all 400 pictures I took, just my favorites.