Easter, SPCA and a bunny video

Before I get to the fun stuff (my latest video) I want to mention two more serious issues.

First, Rabbits are NOT good gifts at Easter!! Please see my banner to learn more about rabbits as pets before you decide to bring one home! Help me spread the word that rabbits and Easter don’t mix.

Second, for those of you in Wake County please see the link below to the SPCA’s website. The county decided a few weeks ago to change where animals in our county are surrendered. Currently the SPCA acts as the intake facility for the cities of Raleigh, Cary and Garner. Animals from all other areas of Wake County are taken to the Wake County shelter. Starting July 1, 2008 the animals from Cary and Garner will not go to the Wake County shelter. The county shelter is not equipped to handle these additional animals. Plus the Wake County shelter still uses the gas chamber as a form of euthanasia, the Wake County shelter doesn’t spay/neuter all animals adopted out of their facility and the Wake County shelter doesn’t meet standards for cleanliness leading to disease outbreaks. Please read more about this situation We need people to email, call and write their county commissioners to request the conditions at the county shelter be improved immediately and the decision to change the intake agreement between the two shelters reversed!

SPCA Watchdogs

Now, the good stuff. While I was getting our Plush Pet Packets ready I put all the stuffed animals on the couch. Tuscan and Moose just couldn’t resist. I didn’t have my camera near me, but I did have the camcorder. I thought it was cute, but then it got really funny. I don’t want to spoil it, but you have to watch the whole video to find out what happens.

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  1. I stopped by a Petco Friday and they had signs up on the bunny cages that said they were not going to sell bunnies during Easter due to the people buying them on a whim and then not knowing what to do with them afterward. Yeah Petco!