Well, took the car to be inspected today and it wouldn’t pass without new tires. I guess I can’t complain since I have 65K miles on 60K tires. I knew I needed new ones this year, but it sure sucks to need them the same week the cat has teeth taken out. Not to mention the 2K worth of work needed on the exterior of our home and replacing the deck (another 1K). I did decide to go ahead and get the insurance on the rabbits. I think it is too late for J.D. since his heart murmur and kidney disease are now considered pre-existing conditions. Tuscan and Moose have a few more years left in them, but they are getting older so it seems smart to go for the insurance. It isn’t cheap ($200 a year), but if they get sick it will cost WAY more. Rabbit vets aren’t cheap.

On a lighter note we made our first attempt to make pasta today. It took forever and it really wasn’t very good! I guess our technique needs a bit of work not to mention a pasta roller! We will try again, but what a pain. I hear it gets easier the more you do it and eventually we will perfect the texture and flour mix that we like. It was a bit chewy for our taste. Gotta start somewhere.

J.D. is doing much better. By Friday he was back to normal. I think the morphine type medicine he was on was making him a bit out of it. Once he was off that stuff he improved quickly. He is back to our cuddly little boy. We will see how he does next week when he has to go back for his followup visit.

Oh, more news! We got some new fish today I decided if we were going to have a fish tank in the living room it needed to look nice! Poor Alfred was alone in that big tank with no lights, one fake plant and ornaments that were so algae covered you couldn’t even tell what they were. We have been working to clean it up the last couple weeks and have put a good amount of money into fixing it up. I still have a bit more to do, but I will post a pictures at some point. I wish I had a before picture. Trust me it was bad. So now Alfred has two new friends that look like small versions of him, George and Simon. Plus we have two little fish with pretty yellow tales. They are very tiny. Eugene and Frank. Hopefully we will get a couple more in a week or two.