Casey, Gary and I went up to Franklinton today so Casey and Gary could jump out of plane. Crazy huh? Their appointment was at 2 and they had to attend a class first so they could learn how to not kill themselves. I was a bit worried about the weather, but they were still doing jumps so we made the trip out there. Right after we got there (while Gary and Casey were in their class) the rain and thunder started. It poured! So at that point they were several jumps behind due to the weather. Eventually it cleared up and the jumps started. We watched three groups jump. At about 5 they called Casey and Gary to prepare for the jump. I was sitting outside and it was beautiful out. Blue sky, few clouds. I went in to take a few pictures of the boys suiting up and the next thing we know there is another weather delay. So we go outside and see this:


Finally at 6 it looked like the weather wasn’t going to be getting any better so we had to get a rain check. The two guys that were going to jump with Casey and Gary had driven 2 hours and didn’t get to jump. I felt for them. So I guess we will be back in a few weeks to try again. No, I will not be jumping out of a plane. I don’t even ride the kid’s roller coasters!! You should have seen those people falling out of the plane…. Hell no.

Well, here are a few pictures of our first attempt: