Updates Finally!!

I know, I have been bad lately. It has been a really busy summer so far and I haven’t been very good with my updates or pictures.

Cody got adopted!! So now I am down to one foster rabbit. I have a hard time getting pictures of him, but I will try to get some new ones up soon. Cody has a great new home with two little girls that will give him lots of love!

We have been doing a ton of work outside this year. I have a few pictures below of some of our work. There is still a ton to do, but the weekends are filled with other stuff which is okay since it is SO hot and humid. We decided to borrow a power washer to clean the back of the house which was covered with mold. Then we decided to power wash the fence which led to power washing the driveway….. Then we had to stain and seal the fence. We are almost done with that step, but the chance of afternoon storms has put a stop to that for awhile. We haven’t sealed the deck yet either. I also planted a small garden. My first attempt at gardening!! I planted 3 tomato plants (2 roma and 1 roma grape – for pasta sauces), basil, mint and cat nip (which J.D. loves). The roma grape plant is huge and has lots of tomatoes! It is well over 6 feet tall if you stretch it out. I have had to put up several stakes to keep it up! The other two remain pretty small, but there are a few tomatoes growing on them. The basil is getting eaten by some unknown bug and I hate to spray it with anything since it is for us to eat! I somehow managed to kill the mint which is a weed that is almost impossible to kill. This is the second mint I have killed. Otherwise the plants look pretty good. I planted a yarrow to attrack lady bugs, but I haven’t seen any yet. The yarrow is finally looking pretty good so I will try to get a few pictures of it tomorrow. I will also get some of the lantana which is really pretty. There is still a ton I want to do, but most of it will wait unil fall when it cools off.

Let’s see…. oh, we went camping with Allison and Jason at Jordan Lake. We only camped one night, but had enough stuff packed in the truck to last several days. 🙂 We had great weather and cooked dinner over the fire. Well, actually the dinner pretty much caught on fire, but my veggie burger was perfect. No grease to catch on fire!! We made smore’s and roasted marshmallows which was my favorite part. I think we will head back out again in the fall. Maybe we can try Falls Lake this time since it is a bit closer. I really like to camp with a view of the lake. To see the pictures click here.

I have also been really busy with the bunnies this year. I have arranged the last few meetup’s and still work at the SPCA 2-4 times a month with the bunnies. I am going to be working with them this summer to start up a foster program for the rabbits. I am also working with Paula at Cape Fear Rabbit Rescue to start a local chapter of the House Rabbit Society out of Raleigh. I am in the process of becoming an educator which is our first step. ACRS is also working with us and we may be able to use the non-profit status to start up our chapter. I am pretty excited about it, but the application to be an educator is going to take me awhile to complete!!

We got back on Tuesday from Michigan!! We had a great time other than the chilly weather the first few days. It was a nice change for me. This summer has been brutal so far. Casey got to see Lake Michigan and he was pretty impressed. I don’t think he realized the size of the lake! He couldn’t understand why everyone referred to it as the beach or shore until he saw it and realized it is a beach. He actually liked it better since there was no salt air/water. I took a few pictures, but not many. I will put a link for them soon. I am getting tired and don’t want to mess with them tonight. It was great to see everyone especially Grandma since I haven’t seen her in almost three years. We have our houses booked for Sunset Beach next year and I am counting down.

Oh, I forgot the best part. About 2 weeks ago I forgot to put the garage door down one night when I got home. I left it open when I got home because I was going to water the plants later, but then it rained and I didn’t think about it again. When I got in the car the next morning to go to work I looked up and saw a bunch of empty space on the shelf. I knew something was missing. I knew at that point the power washer was had borrow from my dad’s boss was gone without even looking. They took our power drill, jig saw, air compressor, power washer and a small tool kit. Probably teenagers. So we have spent over $1,000 replacing everything that was lost. The whole thing just makes me so mad. It isn’t exactly how I wanted to spend 1K. I was planning to get a new digital SLR camera that week. I had it picked out, but thanks to the robbers I will be waiting a bit longer. I still hope to get it before our trip out west.

Okay, that should do for now. I will try to write more this weekend and add some more pictures.

My garden the early days:
The HUGE tomato a couple weeks ago:
The tomatoes:

The fence before and after power washing:

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  1. Casey, I understand why you can be confused when someone calls Lake Mich a beach or shore…
    it’s an HUGE, overgrown lake—- the beach has salt water, the beach doesn’t have huge boats coming on shore AND NO WAVES to break on the sand!!... when we went to get the pontoon seats we went there -just to see it…..
    (GIVE ME THE BEACH, i know, casey doesn’t want the salty stuff> that’s ok, it leaves more for us girls….