Last week I purchased a new game for the wii. I was so tired of playing the sports game that came with the wii and everyone else had new games! First I got the Party Games, but it wasn’t that fun either. I guess it could be fun, but I was bored with that one too. I am terrible at games where you have to figure out how to pass a level or whatever so I decided to go with Mario and Sonic at the Olympics. I am addicted! It is by far my favorite game. I hope they make a winter olympics game for Mario and Sonic! I went downstairs about 6:00 tonight to make dinner and while it was cooking I decided to play for a few minutes. Three hours later I was still playing and I thought my arms were about to fall off. The last few days I have been getting really bad tension headaches caused by knots in my neck. I am pretty sure this wii related. đŸ™‚ When you play most of the Olympic games you have to move your arms a lot and very fast. I think it is making my muscles knot up! Oh, well. I am going to keep playing. I also was planning to get several things done tonight, but since I played wii for three hours I won’t be getting to most of them. I have several pictures to post that I have taken with my new camera, but thanks to the wii I won’t be posting them tonight. However I did want to show you all what I saw this morning when I went to ride the elliptical machine.


Thanks to the tint on our windows he couldn’t see me, but I could see him! I was able to get really close to him and take some pictures. He could hear the camera, but couldn’t see me even when I was right on top on him. He was pretty confused and thought his reflection was another bird. He tapped on the glass a couple times trying to talk to the other bird. Eventually when I turned on the TV he flew away.

Bird outside our window