Yesterday I decided it was time to take JD to the vet. He has been throwing up a lot in the last couple weeks and hasn’t had much of an appetite. After more throwing up over the weekend I called the vet yesterday and took him in. He ended up having to stay the night to get fluids because he was dehydrated. The vet also gave him some meds to calm his stomach and took an x-ray. This morning the vet called to inform me that they still weren’t positive why he was throwing up so much, but they did discover his bladder was full of stones!! Great…. Then she told me the surgery to remove them would costs $1,500 – $1,800. Ouch. We are going to try to flush them out first, but if that isn’t working they will have to go in and remove them. So between his teeth and this he is going to cost us about $2,500 this year, but look at that face….


How can you not love him?

On a more positive note my tomatoes are out of control! The roma’s aren’t really red yet, but the roma grapes are going crazy. I picked most of these today.


Here are a few other pictures of the tomato jungle and my lantanas which are blooming again.

Tomato Plants

Tomato Jungle


And Apple


Apple sleeping