Pictures and Trip Journal

Sorry it is taking awhile to get the pictures posted. My computer was broken a few days last week and it takes so long to load the pictures! I think I have all the South Dakota pictures on flickr. The Wyoming pictures may take a bit longer because there are more of them. Anyway, for those that are interested or really bored I have the trip journal posted. Please see the link the sidebar to the right of this post or click here. I will put links below for our rafting pictures and my flickr album.

Flickr album

Rafting pictures – Date 9/10/08, Rafting company Dave Hansen, 11:30 Deuce

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  1. Wow. Exciting! I’ve only been through the Crazy Horse and Badlands. I can’t believe the colors. And u can tell the temp. change. Casey even looked chilly. Wow. that rarely happens down here. He stays hot. Man, if he reads that I can see his reaction not… Anyway can’t wait to get back to the pick but I have to feel the kids…
    Love the Pics

  2. I don’t know which ones where my favorites! Might just be the animals… Darby likes the Mammoth. She saw Lindsay’s Pic and said “I love her and she loves me too.” How sweet. I can’t believe the detail on Mt. Rushmoure. And Blackhills water was sooooo blue My, my, my the pics were so great! Thanks for sharing…