JD Update

JD was supposed to go in tomorrow for his surgery to remove the bladder stones. I talked with Dr. Simpson tonight and she just got home from a conference on urinary disease in cats. The speaker emphasized trying diet changes before cutting since the recovery from surgery is so difficult. Dr. Simpson said if it was her cat she would try the prescription diet first. So I am going tomorrow to pick up his new food. We will try the diet for a month and do another x-ray. If the stones are shrinking we will continue the diet and if not he will have surgery to remove them. I was really nervous about his surgery tomorrow so I am glad he doesn’t have to go under the knife just yet! I really hope the diet works!


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  1. I hope it works too. Has the vet said about how old JD might be. He is such a pretty and sweet cat. He’s the best cat i’ve seen. And i’ve been around and had many. Good job.