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So we have been back from our trip for a month and I have only uploaded about 30% of the pictures. 🙂 I just haven’t been motivated lately to work on them. I promise it is on my to do list. We are spending most of our free time (which doesn’t seem like much lately) working in the yard again. It is finally cool enough that we can do some yard work without being so hot! Plus fall is a great time to plant and put down seed. Well, at least it is here in the south! We planted a new tree, two new shrubs and put down grass seed and fertilizer. We have one more tree to plant, but the place we want to plant it has a huge ant hill so we have to wait on that one. We also finished my drainage project next to the deck. We still have to work on a couple other drainage issues and I am hoping it doesn’t pour until my seed has some time to grow or we are going to have another mess and a bunch of grass growing in all the wrong places.

A little history on the drainage area…. this area used to have a half dead tree and a few little pieces of grass. I cut down the tree and put the rain barrel in the corner. In the spring I had a woman come out and give me some suggestions on what to plant around the yard. She also helped with “the corner”. She suggested pulling up the grass since it couldn’t grow with all the water. She recommended a few plants that liked moist soil and suggested putting down mulch. So the next weekend we put down a bunch of mulch and the next day it poured. Then we were left with this:

All our hard work had washed away. We also mulched several other areas in the backyard that washed down to this spot. The area pretty much filled up with water and turned into a little pond. Once the level was high enough the water drained over the fence. So this was not going to work. I decided I needed to frame the tree (just to the left of the area in the picture) to keep the dirt around it from running off into the pool area. We also built a grill patio (sorry forgot to photo) to hold back the dirt further up in the yard and so we could get the grill off the deck. Whenever it would rain I would go outside and watch the water to figure out what to do next!! I decided I needed to use rocks. It was the only thing that made any sense, but I wasn’t sure how much of the area to fill with rocks. Then last week I decided to section off the rain barrel area and build up the ground there and fill it with plants. So this is what we worked on over the weekend.

The plants should fill in and I need to plant some more hostas. I am also going to plant some ferns and some kind of ground cover. I am really hoping the water will drain better now. We still have to figure out what to do further up the yard, but I am hoping we won’t have a problem with dirt building up anymore. We also have to make sure the water under the deck drains to the right area… It is such a mess back there. I don’t think I will ever want to move after doing all this work! I sure wish trees could grow overnight. I don’t want to wait 10 years to see my trees big. They looks so pathetic right now.

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  1. Wow… The work looks GREAT!