Apple came to live with us a few days before Christmas last year as a short term foster. Unfortunately the family that was interested in him didn’t work out so he stayed here with us for almost a year. Everyone that came over and met him loved him. I have had 10 foster rabbits, 2 of my own rabbits and have worked with at least 30 rabbits at the SPCA over the years and none has been as special as Apple (don’t tell the others!). I know some of you don’t understand having a rabbit as a pet and it may seem strange to you, but they are wonderful pets with as much personality as any dog or cat. Apple is a very unique rabbit. He loves people and would always run over to get some love from anyone willing to pet him. He isn’t shy or scared of people like some rabbits. He always came running to greet me when I came home and would usually come when we called his name. I am so excited that he has such a wonderful new home, but I will really miss him.

JD is doing much better, but the drugs have him really out of it. He is extra loving while on his meds and extra sleepy. His fur isn’t growing in much yet, but no more diarrhea. He goes in next week for a check up and to check his urine. Hopefully the stones will stay away for awhile.

 Apple DSC_0036_edited-1 DSC_0220 DSC_0206 DSC_0612_edited-1 DSC_0561_edited-1 P6150052_edited-1 P2030024_edited-2

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