The Christmas season is upon us again which means going shopping after work EVERY SINGLE DAY For the four of you out there waiting for my latest Christmas card featuring the very cute Tuscan and Moose you will be waiting a long time. I just couldn’t get a picture this year. I tried several photoshoots and didn’t like any of them. I got a few funny shots and one of them made it on disapproving bunnies!! I will put the link below. Anyway, with each attempt to get a picture Tuscan became more and more grumpy so I have given up. I have bought lots of Christmas decorations for my shots most of which I have taken back. Maybe next year, but don’t hold your breath. I think I have less Christmas sprit this year than last which is pretty bad. I am about 2 years away from becoming Scrooge. Each year I decorate a little less. Last year I put out my weird Christmas trees (they aren’t really Christmas trees, but I pretend they are). This year I am not even messing with it. To top it off I found out tonight the company that makes the Christmas village houses I paint was sold and the new company isn’t making them. So now they are next to impossible to find. They are selling for 4 times what they used to cost on ebay (plus shipping). I am pretty upset about it. I was going to buy some last Christmas, but I didn’t and now it is too late. So in other words, bah humbug!!

Here we are on dissaproving bunnies:
2008 photo
2007 photo

Maybe we will make it in the next book!

Here is a friend of mine’s bunny:

Winnie’s 2007 photo

A cute one of Moose

 Christmas 2008