No, not JD this time! Today Tuscan and Moose had to go in for their yearly physical. They both look great, no problems! Tuscan weighs in at 4.5 pounds and Moose at 2.7 pounds. They both have lost a bit of weight since their visit last year. Usually I take them in for their examinations and then bring them back, but now my work is 5 minutes from the vet and 35-40 minutes from the house so they had to stay there all day today. It was the first time I have left them anywhere since I adopted them almost 5 years ago! As soon as I got the carrier out this morning they started thumping and hiding from me. They are still in their room and Tuscan is giving me some nasty looks.

When I got to the vet’s office to pick them up after work they told me Moose had managed to break out of the play area they had set up for them this morning. She is a crafty little bunny. The vet tech said they had them in a play area together with a litter box, but then they had to seperate them to try to get fecal samples. They put them in seperate cages, but Tuscan was the only one with a litter box. They tried to get a sample from Moose most of the day, but nothing. So they put her in the play area with a litterbox and she ran right over and started using it. She wasn’t giving a sample because she didn’t have a litterbox! What a good little bunny.