Sorry for the delay in posting, but Christmas is a busy time. Plus I have gotten hooked on a wii game that is occupying all my time. I had to set some limits for myself or nothing was going to get done. Now I understand why Casey plays every night! No, I am not playing WOW. I am hooked on Animal Crossing. I decided to rent it from Blockbuster before investing in the game and the first night I played it was a bit boring. Then I kept playing and I read a bit online about all the cool things I can do! Ever since then I have been glued to the TV playing. It is one of those games that never really ends. You sell things, buy things, go fishing, visit the city, go to friend’s towns, design clothes, get your hair done, you know fun girly things. Casey thinks it is ridiculous, but it is the EXACT same thing as his game except for girls. 🙂

Casey really wants me to mention that before Christmas he went to tour the Childress race facility. Here are the pictures he took while he was there. I let him take my camera even though I really didn’t want to! He didn’t break it.

I also put some pictures from Christmas on flickr here. For Christmas this year we gave Casey’s parents a new bathroom! The kids all went in together to remodel their hall bathroom. We took down the wallpaper, painted, cleaned the tile and added some new accessories. There are lots of pictures in the flickr album. We also played a lot of Mario Kart with the kids while we were down there. Karley and I usually worked as a team (me steering and her hitting the gas) and we always had to be the princess. 🙂 Also, mom got the mink this year as a present from Sally and Kenny. I am pretty sure I mentioned the mink awhile back when she lived with us, but just in case here is the story. Mom found the mink when cleaning up Uncle Ned’s house (which is also the house she grew up in). The mink belonged to her grandmother so she decided all the descendants should care for the mink. I got it two years ago at Christmas and it was disgusting. It is an actual mink complete with toe nails and eyes. When you open it up (especially when you aren’t expecting it) it really freaks you out. Make sure to check out the pictures of mom’s face when she opened it. Here are the pictures from when the mink lived with us. Here are the ones dad took when I opened it.

We didn’t do anything special for New Year’s Eve, but I did manage to stay up until midnight. I am not sure why since all we did was watch them count down and then I went to bed. I might as well have just gone to bed at 10. New Year’s Day we cooked a special meal (per Casey’s instruction). We had black eyed peas (I think for luck), green beans (for money, I don’t eat any other greens), ham (no idea why) and sweet potatoes (also no idea why). Hopefully it will bring us luck and lots of money! I didn’t much like 2008 so I have high hopes for 2009. I feel like it will be a much better year than 2008. At least I am not turning 30 this year.

Okay, I think that is enough! I have a couple other things to do before I can play my game again!!

Here are a few pictures I took today of the bunnies and JD. They had a really hard day.
 Tuscan showing his tail Tuscan close-up Moose JD Sleeping