Well, I was hoping our luck would turn around this year, but so far it is the same as last year. Friday I noticed Tuscan was squinting his right eye, but didn’t think too much about it. Then on Saturday I noticed he had a bunch of white “stuff” coming out of his eye. So he went to the vet yesterday. I had Moose go with him so he wouldn’t have to be alone all day. His duct was clogged so they had to flush it out. I have to give him eye drops three times a day for 10 days which should clear up any infections. It isn’t easy and takes both of us to do it. I have to tip him on his side since his eyes are on the side of his head. He isn’t a fan. I really hope it is just an infection. Occasionally when the duct continues to be clogged there is a tooth problem which will be very (very) expensive. Guess it is Tuscan’s year to cost us…. we spent 3K on JD last year. Tuscan has already racked up $120. 🙁