We Won!!

No, not the lottery, but I think I should have played. Rabbit Day was Saturday and we won first and fourth place in the photo contest. Thanks to everyone that voted for us! I didn’t accept the 4th place prize, didn’t want to be greedy. However the first place prize is awesome!! It is a huge basket full of baskets and toys from Busy Bunny which is our favorite place for toys. My name was also pulled from the raffle box twice (I only entered 3 times)!! I won a couple books. I guess Saturday was my luck day. Oh, Apple’s picture won first place, but Tuscan and Moose got his prize. 🙂

 DSC_0290 DSC_0289 DSC_0297

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  1. Wow that’s like winning the toy lottery! We appreciate your passing up the 4th place prize since you probably helped Winnie win hay from Sweet Meadow Farms. She just loves their hay! Congrats, bunnies and Lindsay

  2. That’s just great!!