The last few weeks JD has started throwing up a lot more so I called the vet on Thursday to see if I should bring him in to be examined. They of course said yes, they always do. Since he had his surgery in November he hasn’t thrown up much and has had a lot more energy. Then I started to notice puke a lot…. probably 4-5 days a week, mostly in the morning. So Friday he spent the day at the vet and had x-rays taken. His stomach was full of food so they were concerned he had some kind of blockage. After having the vets at NC State examine his film the vet decided an emergency ultrasound wasn’t needed. Instead she asked us to fast him and bring him in Saturday morning for another x-ray. So yesterday morning we spent two hours at the vet. The food had left his stomach and appeared to be moving through his system, but it is hard to tell with x-rays. Then the vet went to review his blood work. It wasn’t good. Same problem he had in August of last year. I have no idea what is is or how to pronounce it, but at the time the vet was thinking it was some kind of tumor in his digestive track. She hoped the numbers were off because of the stones so we went ahead with his surgery. Maybe his blood work never got better. We didn’t do blood work after the surgery. So they are going to call me today with a plan. He probably is going to need an ultrasound and biopsy. I think they biopsy will require opening him up again. We may or may not go ahead with treatment. It is a hard decision because we don’t really know what is wrong with him or if it can be treated. I will update as we know more. Here a two pictures I took of him yesterday.