After 10 days of eye drops 3 times a day it looks like Tuscan’s eye is all better! Let’s just hope it doesn’t come back. I am so glad we don’t have to give him the drops anymore because it was not fun. Rabbits don’t really like being tipped over!

I spoke with Dr. Wendy on Tuesday and she didn’t feel it was necessary to do an ultrasound on JD since he has stopped throwing up for now. She didn’t mention doing the biopsy yet so hopefully we can put that off for awhile. We are going to start him on an antibiotic for three weeks and then do more blood work. There are a couple infectious diseases he could have picked up from fleas/ticks. He doesn’t go outside and I have only found one flea on him in 4 years, but I guess it is still possible. If his blood work doesn’t look better after the antibiotics we will try treating him for IBD for awhile and see if there is an improvement in his blood work. If neither works we are probably looking at a type of intestinal cancer. Dr. Wendy said if he had the most aggressive form he wouldn’t be here right now so we can rule that one out. His red blood count is good so that is a good sign it isn’t cancer, but we can’t rule it out just yet.