Nature in my backyard

Casey sent me an email today at work of a little baby bunny that is living in our backyard! He tried to take a few pictures, but the little guy was too fast. Tonight when I was cooking dinner I looked out the window and saw him in the yard. So I ran upstairs to grab the zoom lens. I got lots of pictures of him, the squirrel and a few birds. I didn’t see the finches this afternoon so I don’t have any pictures of them. I sat on the sink for awhile watching all the animals in the yard. The pictures are a bit blurred, but I had low light and no tripod.

Eating my Yarrow plant
Hanging out with the squirrel
Eating my Azalea
 DSC_0170 copy
Eating some grass
Eating my weeds! Keep doing that little guy!
A few birds
 DSC_0182 DSC_0196 DSC_0191

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  1. Hehe, you have good bunny food in your backyard!

  2. How CUTE You took great pics!