Yep, I am a slacker. No posts in weeks! I have lots to post, but have been too busy (and maybe a bit lazy) to actually post anything. I have some pictures of our Outer Banks weekend, but I haven’t taken the time fix up the pictures yet.

Our little bunny is still living in the backyard and so far my ugly fence is keeping him away from my flowers. I finally figured out that he came from the house behind us. I saw the mom hopping around their backyard one night and saw another little one that ventured into our yard for awhile. I will try to get some new pictures of him soon. There has been drama at the bird feeder too. The black birds discovered our seed and are eating it non stop. They eat all the seed in a couple days! Pigs. The blue bird isn’t much better. I hate to not put out seed because we have a family of cardinals that eat the seed a lot. I need to get pictures of them too.

Well, I do have a few pictures of my crew for you. They were all taken at night and apparently the batteries in my flash were dying so some of them are a bit dark, but still cute.

Here are a few of Tuscan and Moose snuggling at night. One night I woke them up with all the picture taking and got a few yawn pictures.

 DSC_0358_edited-1 DSC_0375 copy DSC_0361 copy DSC_0363 copy

These are from tonight. JD loves his bunnies, but he has to have a gate between him and them. If that gate wasn’t there he would freak out!!

 DSC_0374 copy DSC_0372_edited-1 copy

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  1. awww you got more foster bunnies! So cute JD is such a brave kitty.