Camping Trip

We went camping with Allison and Jason over the weekend. After our trip last year we had planned to go again, but it took us a year to actually do it. This year we really do need to go in the fall too. Last year we went to Jordan Lake and camped on a Friday night, but this year we went to Falls Lake and camped Saturday night. We made it out to the lake around 2 and drove around for awhile trying to find a site with a view of the water. Most of the really good sites were taken, but we managed to find one with a little bit of a water view and easy walk to the water. Allison and I once again were in charge of the tents and the boys gathered fire wood. Casey and I have camped several times since last year so I was pretty sure I could get the tent up myself this time. I worked on our tent while Allison opened their tent (it had never been used). Well, here I am putting the tent up. As you can see I didn’t really do too well at first.

 P5300355 P5300353 P5300356
But as you can see I did manage to get it set up eventually…. It only took two tries.

Allison and Jason’s tent was another story. There are tons of pictures of us trying to put the tent up. Here are a few highlights.

 P5300360 P5300367 P5300366
Is this right?
It looked a bit strange, but it was right. I guess it was just new and needed to be stretched out a bit.

Here is our redneck fire
Eventually Allison and I convinced the boys we should go buy some firewood so we went up to the front gate and got a few bundles. We tried the hobo dinners again and made a few improvements this year. We didn’t cook them for hours, cooked them on the coals and ate a bit earlier so it was light out!! The dinners turned out really well. For those of you that forgot here is what last year’s dinner looked like:
Here was this year’s dinner. Big improvement.
Enjoying dinner
And of course we had to have our smores!! Check out the concentration it takes to make a smore.
 P5300390 P5300391
Even though we went with two former scouts we weren’t exactly prepared, but never fear the boys were inventive and made us lots of “tools”.

The shovel
The chocolate melter for smores

However the highlight of the day was Jason taking a bath in the lake!! Don’t worry folks he has pants on.

 P5300427 P5300430

I slept a bit better this time, but I woke up several times because I had to pee. So on our next trip I either need to cut off all liquids at 3pm or I need to bring a diaper! I think I would have slept really well if I didn’t have to pee so bad and I was not walking to the bathroom in the dark. In the morning it started to rain a bit on us. There was about a 10% chance of rain on Sunday and sure enough it poured on us! So we didn’t get to have our breakfast (we did get a few breakfast marshmallows) and left a bit earlier than we planned. I didn’t get a nice group shot this time. Maybe in the fall. It was of course beautiful the rest of the day, not a cloud in the sky!

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  1. Well it looks like ya’ll had a great time and glad those scoutting skills came in to play (lol). Great pics!~