Professional Photographer?

Last weekend I took some one month pictures of Kaylee. For those of you that don’t know, Kaylee is Jill and Mike’s little girl who was born in May. Jill and I worked together until she left me when Kaylee arrived. She is also one of my best friends so I am over there with her and Kaylee all the time now!

Since I enjoy photography and have my fancy camera I told them I would take some professional type photos of Kaylee. I have never photographed an infant before, or really any human. I mostly shoot animals which are surprisingly easier. Before Kaylee’s photo shoot I did some research online to figure out how to get a good newborn shot. Kaylee was really cooperative during the shoot, at least in the beginning. By the end of the day she was getting a bit annoyed with the constant moving and outfit changes, but I managed to get some good pictures of her. They looked much better after I tweaked them in Photoshop Elements. Now, I am a bit of a perfectionist so when I look at the pictures I see all the things wrong with them and really didn’t thing they were that great. I posted them on Flickr and gave Jill a CD of the images. I got an email from her tonight telling me she uploaded the images to Walgreens to have them printed. Then she got a phone call from them saying they couldn’t print the pictures because they were “professional” photos. So I have to go to Walgreens and sign a release as the “professional” photographer so Jill can print them! How crazy is that! So what if Kaylee was my baby and I took those pictures of her? What would I do? How do they know Jill didn’t take them? I guess I have to take the images on a CD or memory card to help prove I am the photographer. So maybe this should be my new career….... You be the judge.

 DSC_0016 BW DSC_0081_BW DSC_0074_BW DSC_0040 DSC_0058_BW_Purple Hat

Check out the rest of them.

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  1. Chandra

    OMG - those pics are beautiful Seriously, that’s amaaaazing!

  2. So Beautiful! You are so very talented!