I was getting worried about my little backyard bunny because we weren’t seeing him much lately. Then last night while we worked in the yard I could hear Casey calling me from the side of the house. I went over to see what he needed and there was my little bunny. Turns out he found a little friend that lives in our neighbor’s front yard. I had seen the other bunny a few weeks ago and I knew she was living in their azaela bushes. Our little bunny was so cute. He was running back and forth from his house under our deck to their yard to see if she was out there looking for him. We even saw him drink some of the water we put out for him. When I was watering plants in the front yard we got a few pictures of them. They aren’t exactly best friends yet and you can he is still trying to get her permission to hang out in her space. We can tell which one is our bunny because he isn’t scared of us. He comes really close to us, but the neighbor bunny takes off running if we get too close.

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