Okay, so I have neglected the blog again for a long time…. Bad me. There is so much that I need to share, but I just don’t make the time to post. I decided today to take a little time this week to go back and catch everyone up. That is if anyone is still checking. So today we are going to travel back to May, Mother’s Day weekend to be exact.

I wanted to take a little weekend vacation before it got too hot. I hadn’t been to the outer banks since high school and Casey had never been (or at least he doesn’t remember). I decided we would drive over to Nags Head and then continue down to Rodanthe and camp. You would think by now I would have learned that camping is not a good idea. Sure it is cheap (well, you would think), but it is not fun. At least not this type of camping. So we drove down and found a camp site. I pictured us on the beach with our little tent. We ended up in an RV park. What ever happened to tent camping? Everywhere you go there are only RV parks. Great. Nothing like putting up your tent in a parking lot surrounded by people in comfortable little homes complete with AC, TV and comfortable beds. To make it even better the winds were practically hurricane force, okay not that bad, but it was SO windy. I thought our cheap little Wal-Mart tent was surely going to collapse and fly away. We secured it and took of for Cape Hatteras. We also stopped at Bodie Island lighthouse, but I think that was actually before the campsite. It was a long time ago.

Cape Hatteras was interesting for me because the last time I was there it was on the water. At the time they were preparing to move it, but the move didn’t actually happen for another couple years. It was a little strange seeing the lighthouse in its new location. We watched the very long, but interesting video on how they moved the lighthouse. We walked around some and then went to check out the site where the lighthouse was before the big move. On the way back to the lighthouse we stopped to watch some wind surfers which was really cool. We got a not so great dinner and went back to the death trap, also known as our tent. It was still standing, but blowing around a lot. Great. I am a very light sleeper so I knew this wasn’t going to be good. I took a Benadryl in the hopes it would knock me out. I put my meditation sleepy music on the ipod and almost fell asleep. Then the wind would blow, the tent would almost collapse and wake me up. Replay this another 100 times and you have my night. I maybe got an hour or two of sleep at most. Finally at some point the wind slowed down and I got a little sleep before I had to pee. Again, why in the world do I ever suggest camping. I am not made for camping. We need a camper Oh, Casey had no problem sleeping. Perhaps this is why camping doesn’t bother him.

The next day we drove back up to Nags Head and went to the Wright Brothers memorial and Jockey’s Ridge. I had been to both, but it was fun to visit again and Casey had never been. Then we came back home and I got some sleep. So here are a few pictures from our trip. To see the whole album click HERE.

 Bodie Island Lighthouse Hatteras Lighthouse Outer Banks Outer Banks DSC_0279 copy