Stray Cat

Back in June on the morning we were leaving for the beach for a week I went down to feed the foster rabbits. Out of the corner of my eye I saw an orange cat on the deck staring at me through the door. My first instinct was to think JD got out, but I had just fed him so I knew it wasn’t JD. The cat just sat there and stared at me. We have a neighborhood cat that sometimes sits on the deck, but he/she always runs away when I go to the door. This cat didn’t. So I opened the door and he ran into the yard, but didn’t run away. He sat in the middle of the yard and cried at me. He was so skinny so I went in and brought out a can of food. He ran right up to me and started eating. Once I fed him he was my best friend. Now, what to do with him? We were going to be out of town for the week and he wasn’t neutered. I didn’t want him running around making more cats that no one wants. Having worked in animal rescue for 5 years has made me a bit jadded. I know how many unwanted animals there are and to me taking him to the shelter even if it meant he would be euthanize was the best option. I know that sounds bad, but I didn’t want him getting hit by a car or making a bunch more cats that will end up being euthanized. Well, Casey said no way. I spent the morning trying to find someplace to take the cat. Eventually we decided to let him live in the yard and have Allison and Jason feed him when they came over to feed the other animals.

When we got back from vacation he was still there. He would wonder off and sometimes was gone for a day or more at a time, but he always came back. We decided to take him to our vet and get all his shots, tests and neutered. We lucked out and the vet had a space for him so he stayed there. They usually have a cat or two there that are available for adoption. He was such a sweet cat that we knew he would get adopted quickly. Everyone at the vet’s office loved him. The receptionist said he was the most laid back cat she had ever seen. He never met a stranger and loved every person that came in the office. It only took about a month for him to find a home. The last we heard he was doing really well in his new home.

We miss the little guy. Most likely a family got him as a kitten and when he became too much work they dumped him in our neighborhood. They didn’t neuter him. This makes me so mad. Every animal should be fixed even if they are indoors only. There are so many unwanted animals. It is estimated the between 3-4 million animals were euthanized last year. Between 6-8 million were taken to shelters. That means that only half find homes. I don’t think people really realize how many animals are killed each year and we are to blame. Please spay/neuter your pet

Here are some pictures of our stray cat. He had a happy ending, but so many don’t…..

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  1. I thought that was JD… But he is a little skinner… Glad he choose you and you took care of him. Glad you have sucj a big heart and love for animals!